Sandy Hook School PTA

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School Year


The Sandy Hook Elementary School PTA continually strives to bring together the
faculty and parents in order to provide the best for our students.
Throughout the year the PTA provides many benefits for students.
Some examples of these are:

  • Provides quality cultural arts programs for all grade levels
  • Extra-curricular Geography Program
  • Funding for the school literary magazine
  • Day planners for all students in 3rd and 4th Grade
  • Compiles and distributes weekly newsletter to provide timely communication
  • Socials such as the Family Fun Fair and Sock Hop
  • School grounds beautification

These and many other benefits are provided through fundraising activities
including the wrapping paper sale and the Family Fun Fair.
Get involved and show your children that you care
 about what happens at their school and that you are dedicated to
making their education a priority in your life.
Joining the PTA is an investment in the future…Our Children.

2016-2017 PTA Board


Julia Crisci           

Sue Shortt          

1st Vice President

Anna Lawlor       

2nd Vice President

Karyn Holden     


Therese Lestik         

Christine Wilford


Kristin Kinsey     


Karyn Holden     


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