What are the school hours?

Regular school day:  9:05-3:37

Scheduled Early dismissal day:  9:05-1:37

Emergency Early dismissal day: 9:05-1:37

Delayed opening day: 11:05-3:37

How can I reach my child’s teacher?

There are two ways to contact teachers.  The first is to call the school voice mail and leave a message on the teacher’s voice mail account.  The phone number for Newtown’s Voice Mail is 270-4644.  You will need to know the teacher’s voice mail box number which is typically listed on the teacher’s home page.  The second is to send an email to your child’s teacher.   The easiest way to email a message is to locate the teacher’s name in the school’s staff directory on our home page.  Simply click on the teacher’s name and you will be given an email form to fill out.  Teacher emails are lastname and first initial followed by @newtown.k12.ct.us

How do I report my child's absence?

Please call the office at 426-7658.  You will need to report your child's full name, his or her teacher and the reason for his or her absence.  If you child will be absent for more than one day, please indicate the day/dates of the absence.

What should I do if my child is late for school?

If your child arrives in school after 9:10 he or she must be signed in at the office.

If my child forgets something how can I get it to him or her? What about birthday treats?

Any forgotten items (lunch, field trip money, library books) must be brought to the school office. Birthday or special party treats should be labeled with the student's and teacher's name and must also be brought to the school office.  Please do not bring anything directly to the classroom. The office staff will insure that all materials and treats will be brought to the classroom at a time that will not be disruptive to the class.

If I need to pick up my child at dismissal time or for an appointment during the school day?

All dismissals "out of the ordinary" must be prearranged by sending in a note on the day of the change.  Notes should include your child's full name, teacher name, and time of pick-up.  If your child will be returning to school, please indicate that as well.  Please discuss all "out of the ordinary" arrangements with your child ahead of time and stress that the note MUST be turned in at the beginning of the day.  You may call for your child at the office a few minutes before the designated pick up time, as it will take a few minutes for your child to come to the office.  School policy states that no child may be picked up directly from the classroom.  Therefore, DO NOT go to the classroom, as the teacher CANNOT dismiss your child from the room.
Please note, if you are a volunteer in the school and wish to pick up your child at dismissal you must send in a note and call for your child in the office.

How can I change busses so my child can go to another home?

Neither the school nor the Transportation Dept can arrange for bus changes to accommodate play dates.  Please do not send in notes to that effect.  If your child will be getting off at a different bus stop (on his or her assigned bus) please send in a note indicating with whom your child will be getting off the bus.  A special bus pass will be given to your child to be handed to the bus driver as he or she gets on the bus.